Why You Should Take Up a CoWorking Space For Your Startup Business

Coworking spaces is the new trend for Entrepreneurs, Startups, Freelancers or whatsoever the nomenclature you might choose to call them. You might say you see no reason why you should adopt a style all because it is trendy….. Yeah, I totally agree with you but if you are any of the above listed then you desperately need a coworking space


  1. It is cost effective. Coworking helps you minimize cost and maximize profit. You do not have to worry about utility bills and maintenance cost. You can also take a space on a daily, monthly or quarterly basis as opposed to plunging scarce business capital into office space rental and maintenance bills.
  2. It helps you avoid loneliness and depression. Working at home after a while has an isolating effect and gives you time to dwell on all your worries. Coworking takes care of this problem. You work alongside others and get a sense of camaraderie even when you are creating alongside complete strangers
  3. It will help you network effectively. Coworking will help you grow your business faster. You get to expand your personal and professional network, find new clients, hire competent hands and even get hired. You become more productive by working with different talented people.
  4. It gives you the right kind of motivation. Working alongside other entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers etc gives you the daily motivation to push forward and never give up, you share in their ups and down and their success stories.


Written with Love,

From the Enclaave Team