Ever been to Enclaave?… Then you will understand why the Sapphire work station is lovable. Here are reasons you would love to conduct your daily business in the Sapphire open space.


It inspires creativity. The nature theme setting which combines the polished log stools to the illusion of a forest springing forth right to the calming waterfall-like woosh of the aquarium eludes an essence of nature and an ambience that encourages the bursting forth of ideas and a creative you.

Enclaave - Sapphire


Its flexibility and affordability makes it an attractive match for freelancers and Solopreneurs. It fits perfectly into their not too stable schedule and affords them the opportunity of taking up the space on a daily and weekly schedule that fits into their particular wants and needs at a specific time.

Easy networking among like minds freelancers, socializing, ideas, collaborating and referrals that goes on in the Sapphire open space is unrivaled. There is the possibility of freelancers with like minds and visions merging together to become start -ups, business relationships are formed and friendship born.


Enclaave Community Members


Written with Love,

From the Enclaave Team