Coworking: what you need to know (Part Two) – The Enclaave Story

“At the dawn of 2016, Coworking communities personify the flexibility and creativity necessary to succeed in today’s professional climate.” -The Receptionist.

Enclaave intertwine “the professionalism of a corporate office with the flexibility and comfort of a café.” You can work how and when you want to in a serene environment where you get the kind of focus that gives birth to innovation with zero worries because we’ve got every other thing covered.

Enclaave offers virtual locations, Coworking hubs, office spaces, and meeting rooms with a community-focused, sustainability-conscious ethos, even introverts would love to co-work here.


The welcome view of the new face of co-work space in town.

Enclaave community affords members the boost needed professionally, and creatively as they co-work, to Think, Work, Network, Create and Innovate because we’ve got our finger on the pulse of productivity.

At Enclaave, we believe in care and work-life balance for Cross-professionals helping you to focus on the one important thing…hard-hitting thoughts on designs, business dynamics, and technological advancement. Our spaces are not skewed towards specific professions interestingly, they can be tailored to fit your particular needs.

“The 21st-century professional is often responsible for building and sticking to her own routines and productivity practices, and – let’s face it – that can be a struggle. Enclaave offer facilities and resources to make the struggle less stiff…

To be a part of this great movement, take the giant stride, sign up for community membership and you automatically qualify to enjoy world-class service delivery in a high value location such as Lekki Phase 1, 16B Omorinre Johnson, off Admiralty Way, Lekki Lagos. Why don’t you write us today if you have any questions specific to you, or schedule a tour of our facilities, to write us or schedule a tour go here!